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The Center of Hydrometeorology, Radioactive Contamination Control and Environmental Monitoring of the Republic of Belarus provides the following services:
- Acquisition, copying, provision with general hydrometeorological information free of charge in accordance with the law of the Republic of Belarus;
- Preparation of specific hydrometeorological information;
- Placement of advertisement banners;
- Repair, verification, installation and setup;
- Production of printed goods;
- Provision with aerometeorological information;
- Support service of the program “Salary”.

On demand the department of hydrology and state water cadaster estimates some hydrological data:
- levels;
- expenses;
- sediment load measurement.

The department of hydrology and state water cadaster provides with data on conditions and hydrographic characteristics of water facilities, historical information about a water facility (for the period of observations).

The Center carries out different types of monitoring services:
- atmospheric air monitoring;
- water surface monitoring;
- monitoring of atmospheric air in Minsk;
- soil monitoring;
- radioactive contamination monitoring.